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7A Budget Mini Storage Speedway & Grant 1830 N 7th Ave Tucson, AZ 85705 (520) 441-3133
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Quality - 5.0 (Excellent)
Customer Service - 5.0 (Excellent)
Price - 5.0 (Excellent)
Convenience - 5.0 (Excellent)
Customer Reviews of this Facility

Judy Riley 05/01/18
Recommend: Yes
Love Roger and Shelia, great people.

Ashley 05/01/18
Recommend: Yes
Thank you for everything! XOXO.

Keith 05/01/18
Recommend: Yes
Great place.

Priscilla Rios 05/01/18
Recommend: Yes
They are the best!! Great service and friendly service!!

Lupea 05/01/18
Recommend: Yes
Very friendly

Davellyn Whyte 04/03/18
Recommend: Yes
Enjoyed time with the company, nothing was damaged, all questions answered, all online payments, very user friendly.

Victor Basurto 04/03/18
Recommend: Yes
The best storage ever, Shelia & Roger are the nicest and best people ever.

Donna McKinney 04/03/18
Recommend: Yes
Overall, the use of the facility was great, I have no complaints.

Tim 04/03/18
Recommend: Yes
Storing here was so convenient.

Nancy Green 02/02/18
Recommend: Yes
Very nice, clean facility. Will use again if needed.

William Robison 02/02/18
Recommend: Yes
I liked the friendliness of the people& neatness & cleanliness at the facility

Catherine 02/02/18
Recommend: Yes
This is the perfect place to store your things, whether it is just for the summer or long term. The units are mice, stay cool enough to prevent heat damage and come in several sizes.

Jason 02/02/18
Recommend: Yes
Thumbs up!

Zach 02/02/18
Recommend: Yes
Great service!!

Evan Montes 02/02/18
Recommend: Yes
Great service, Roger helped move around a u-haul & was very helpful.

Dylan Solomon 01/02/18
Recommend: Yes
Overall, convenient storage unit.

Ryan Barber 01/02/18
Recommend: Yes
Great service. Very friendly, will refer to all

Allie 01/02/18
Recommend: Yes
Friendly service! Extremely clean and spacious units!

Andrew Davidson 01/02/18
Recommend: Yes
It was easy to use. The storage had good hours.

Elijah Glenn 01/02/18
Recommend: Yes
Great staff, enjoy the facilities.

Sheila 01/02/18
Recommend: Yes
Very friendly and so helpful with any problems I ran into.

Eva 01/02/18
Recommend: Yes
Everyone was kind, helpful and very accommodating.

Kiersten Aslinger 12/29/17
Recommend: Yes
I think that this storage place was overall a good deal and quality service.

Bruce Symons 12/29/17
Recommend: Yes
Very nice staff. Helpful.

Kaitlin Baker 12/29/17
Recommend: Yes
Staff very friendly and helpful and the facility was always clean.

Christina Colombo 12/29/17
Recommend: Yes
Worked out very well, staff was very friendly.

Marcello Cesario 12/29/17
Recommend: Yes
Great service.

Alicia 12/29/17
Recommend: Yes
Great place to store stuff when ya leave town.

Gonzolo Valencia 12/29/17
Recommend: Yes
The place was nice. I like it a lot.

Lorenzo 12/29/17
Recommend: Yes
Great place.

Mike 12/29/17
Recommend: Yes
Very Great service and condition of property.

Chris White 10/23/17
Recommend: Yes
Great service. Easy and affordable.

Ariana Brown 10/23/17
Recommend: Yes
Very friendly and helpful.

Katie Baker 10/23/17
Recommend: Yes
Good safe unit. Awesome staff.

Theresa Raineri 10/23/17
Recommend: Yes
Very convenient, will defintely use again!

Josh 10/23/17
Recommend: Yes
This place was awesome! I had a great experience with the employees and look forward to using 7A again.

Pete 09/27/17
Recommend: Yes
Outstanding job. Very helpful. Would recommend to anyone.

Garrett Nelsen 09/27/17
Recommend: Yes
Great staff and very nice place.

Jose Soto 09/27/17
Recommend: Yes
Friendly helpful staff.

Sadie Heard 09/27/17
Recommend: Yes
Loved you guys.

Dashiell Albrecht 09/27/17
Recommend: Yes
Staff was always happy to help and sort out any problems. Made me feel like family.

Brandon 09/27/17
Recommend: Yes
Very easy, cool ( temperature controlled) place to store stuff for the summer, at a good price.

Jayden 09/27/17
Recommend: Yes
Amazing staff. Very friendly and always willing to help.

Robert Hasty 09/27/17
Recommend: Yes
Fast, friendly and clean.

Joseph 09/27/17
Recommend: Yes
All good, Thank You.

Brian 09/27/17
Recommend: Yes
Great Service and helpful managers.

Joanie Rodarte 08/03/17
Recommend: Yes
Great Service..

Hannah Everhart 08/03/17
Recommend: Yes
Super friendly staff, highly recommend!

Wilfred Torres 08/03/17
Recommend: Yes

Hannah Everhart 08/03/17
Recommend: Yes
Great service!

Manuel Bojoquez 06/23/17
Recommend: Yes
Most friendly staff, facility very clean and well kept for safety. Person referred me and was so clean, because this storage facility has the best to offer, including prices.

Chad 06/23/17
Recommend: Yes
Managers are very friendly and helpful.

Bryce Henderson 06/23/17
Recommend: Yes
Very friendly & Great Pricing!

Anonymous 06/16/17
Recommend: Yes
Sheila is always very friendly!
This is a great location. The staff is always friendly and customer service oriented.

Robert Powell 06/16/17
Recommend: Yes
Sheila and Roger are exceptionally helpful and accommodating. I rented the unit to store rock samples I was having shipped down from Spokane WA. When the freight company arrived sooner than I expected and on a hot day with 12 pallets of rocks, I had nobody lined up to help me move them into the storage unit. Roger & Sheila brought me water and when I finished the tenth pallet completely exhausted, Roger came by and helped me finish.

Theresa Raineri 06/15/17
Recommend: Yes
The best!
Sheila and Roger made the whole process easy and fast. Their friendliness was an additional plus. The facilities are immaculate as well. Highly recommend!!!

Ellen 06/14/17
Recommend: Yes
Love, love, love the 3 office employees here!! They are SUPER friendly, nice, efficient and customer service oriented!! (Roger, Sheila and Shanell)

Andy 06/14/17
Recommend: Yes
Everything was great.

Luis Godoy 06/14/17
Recommend: Yes
It's been great doing business with you all. Thank you.

Katie 06/14/17
Recommend: Yes
Consistently great service, friendly people and easily accessed.

Jill Shepard 06/08/17
Recommend: Yes
Shelia, Roger and Shanell were so friendly and kind!! Thank you!

Johnny 06/08/17
Recommend: Yes
Damn clean and friendly.

Jessica 06/08/17
Recommend: Yes
Simple process, easy access and friendly staff. I rented a climate control unit and was very happy with the experience.

Melissa 06/08/17
Recommend: Yes
Good location- friendly managers.

Steve 06/05/17
Recommend: Yes
Roger and Shelia are the best!

Nicholas 06/05/17
Recommend: Yes
Everyone has always been very nice and helpful!

Molly 06/05/17
Recommend: Yes
Well maintained, clean, safe -friendly, helpful staff. Thanks!

Noah Ramos 06/05/17
Recommend: Yes
I had a very good experience at 7A mini storage, everyone was friendly and very helpful here.

James 06/05/17
Recommend: Yes
Great Customer service and a great facility.

Steve 03/21/17
Recommend: Yes
Loved the convenience and easy access to our unit. Would definitely rent here in the future.

Jaime 03/21/17
Recommend: Yes
Great Service! Thank you for a wonderful 5 years.

Roy S Trout 03/21/17
Recommend: Yes
Awesome service, friendly staff, secure location.

Joseph 03/06/17
Recommend: Yes
Thank you for everything.

Jenna 03/06/17
Recommend: Yes
Great service and convenient location! No problems..

Ziyan Jiang 03/06/17
Recommend: Yes
Good Place!

Jorge 03/06/17
Recommend: Yes
Been here awhile great place and staff.

Tanya Rosselli 03/06/17
Recommend: Yes
Sheila was the best!

Marlaina Maxwell 03/02/17
Recommend: Yes
Great customer service, would definitely rent again.

Chrissy 03/02/17
Recommend: Yes
My storage was easy to get to and served my needs very well.

Katelyn Gandolfo 03/02/17
Recommend: Yes
Super clean and great staff. They worked with us very well.

Erica 03/02/17
Recommend: Yes
Love this place! This is my second year renting from here. If I have to rent again, I would rent from 7A.

Brandon 03/02/17
Recommend: Yes
Locker was perfect size and staff was very friendly! I would definitely rent from here again.

Morgan 03/02/17
Recommend: Yes
Great Staff!!

Nikki 03/02/17
Recommend: Yes
Great place, very clean and friendly. Great location for U of A students.

Samuel McCormick 03/02/17
Recommend: Yes
Absolutely stellar customer service, great price, would recommend and use again.

Michael Georgian 02/27/17
Recommend: Yes
Great service and super cheap.

Mike Castro 02/27/17
Recommend: Yes
Best storage in town.

Darien Lowery 02/27/17
Recommend: Yes
No problems, awesome.

Sheila 02/27/17
Recommend: Yes
Great experience overall, convenient and clean

Thomas Archery 02/27/17
Recommend: Yes
I felt this storage was in a great location and very friendly! Also great price range.

Michael 02/27/17
Recommend: Yes
Great experience, will rent again

Emma 01/27/17
Recommend: Yes
Really exceptional business! Thank you for being so friendly!

Ariana 01/27/17
Recommend: Yes
This place is great!

Jane Schneider 01/27/17
Recommend: Yes
Great Service.

Nelly 01/27/17
Recommend: Yes
Great service, easy and to the point. Best way to store our things.

Graham 01/27/17
Recommend: Yes
Staff was extremely friendly.

Shaira 01/27/17
Recommend: Yes
The staff was very accommodating and friendly, the storage unit was the perfect size.

Alec Garner 12/02/16
Recommend: Yes
Lovely people and they love to accomodate the customers.

Jon 12/02/16
Recommend: Yes
Perfect location for U of A storage.

Davidson 12/02/16
Recommend: Yes
We used the unit to store my son's belongings wver the summer. It was convenient and easy. I do wish they would prorate as I had to pay for a whole month rent in order to use it for 5 days in August.

Armani McClendon 12/02/16
Recommend: Yes
Great Service! The Best! Will be back!

Chris Graves 12/02/16
Recommend: Yes
It was great.

Hailey 12/02/16
Recommend: Yes
The overall experience was amazing and I would rent again here at anytime.

Nathan King 10/21/16
Recommend: Yes
Clean, friendly, convenient storage facility. I'll definetly be back @ the end of the year.

Jacob Shubin 10/21/16
Recommend: Yes

Gloria 10/21/16
Recommend: Yes
All Good-Clean and Safe.

Sam 10/21/16
Recommend: Yes
The Best!!

James 10/21/16
Recommend: Yes
Good Service.

Nhat-Thi Bauernfeind 10/21/16
Recommend: Yes

Bob 10/21/16
Recommend: Yes
Great facility. Easy, clean and affordable.

Jack 10/21/16
Recommend: Yes
Great overall experience. I would definetly rent again.

Walter Winrow 10/21/16
Recommend: Yes
Great service and very clean property. Staff was kind and curteous.

Jacob Harris 08/24/16
Recommend: Yes
You guys were great! Excellent staff!

Kathleen 08/24/16
Recommend: Yes
Great Staff!! Everyone was super friendly. Would use them again in the future!

Matthew 08/24/16
Recommend: Yes
Everything was Great!

Madison Edwards 08/24/16
Recommend: Yes
Amazing service!

Kapri 08/24/16
Recommend: Yes
I love 7A! This is my 2nd time using them and I will definitely use them again!! Thank You!

Holly 08/24/16
Recommend: Yes
Wonderful, pain-free experience. Friendly and helpful owners-would highly recommend.

Gabie Davenport 08/24/16
Recommend: Yes

Walter Vernon 07/20/16
Recommend: Yes
Great service and pleasant staff.

Thomas Riehle 07/20/16
Recommend: Yes
Great service, friendly and kind.

Thomas 07/20/16
Recommend: Yes
Greatest staff in the world.

Zachary 07/20/16
Recommend: Yes
Excellent staff, very polite and helpful!

Benjamin Griffith 07/20/16
Recommend: Yes
Y'all are awesome

Jeffery 07/20/16
Recommend: Yes
This place exceeded my expectations. Along with the staff. 5 star storage.

Loyetta 07/15/16
Recommend: Yes
Mainly i had 24 hr access when i started renting here& there have been too many changes & Price rises for me to consider this an option. There is a hole in the ceiling from when i rented from the previous management.

Marissa Moreno 07/15/16
Recommend: Yes
Staff was awesome and always took care of us.

Anthony 07/15/16
Recommend: Yes
Excellent Service! Great facility!

Meg Kartz 07/15/16
Recommend: Yes
Great place! Will recommend.

Anonymous 07/15/16
Recommend: Yes
The staff is great "Shanell".

Ben Barcos 07/15/16
Recommend: Yes
Great customer service and cleanliness would definetley use again.

Alexander Leonard 07/15/16
Recommend: Yes
Roger, Shelia and Shanell were awesome! Friendliest, most helpful staff. I have recommended 7A Budget Mini Storage to everyone i know looking for a storage facility.

Alexander Tutchton 03/18/16
Recommend: Yes

Jack Wylie 03/18/16
Recommend: Yes
Great service and great location to school.

Robert Hansen 03/18/16
Recommend: Yes
Shelia and Roger make us feel like family.

E"rica Cupp 03/18/16
Recommend: Yes
Loved the price! Love how easy it was to put storage in the unit.

Mina 03/18/16
Recommend: Yes
Awesome service.

Isaiah Warren 03/18/16
Recommend: Yes
Safe, reliable, affordable.

Cory Barr 03/18/16
Recommend: Yes
Great service, will definetley recommend.

Jennifer 03/18/16
Recommend: Yes
Best employees and customer service.

Joseph 03/18/16
Recommend: Yes
Great service here.

Margaret 03/18/16
Recommend: Yes
i am very pleased with all of the extra help, getting moving trucks in and out, for example. Great service.

Chris 03/18/16
Recommend: Yes
Very friendly service, clean and safe facility.

Shannon Hardin 03/18/16
Recommend: Yes
Excellent staff. Thanks for everything really liked the e-bill.

Zach F. 03/09/16
Recommend: Yes
Thanks for the help! You made my move much easier.

Rob 03/09/16
Recommend: Yes

Shea 03/09/16
Recommend: Yes
Definitely would rent again! Really needed a place to store my things, so it was perfect.

Nathan DeWitt 03/09/16
Recommend: Yes
Great customer service.

Christina 03/09/16
Recommend: Yes
Friendly staff, easily accessible.

Julia 03/09/16
Recommend: Yes
Great service and storage.

Martin 03/09/16
Recommend: Yes
I was very satisfied with the overall experience.

Candace Wagner 03/09/16
Recommend: Yes
Very friendly owners-Excellent service and helpful. (repeat customer)

Tiger Ladd 03/09/16
Recommend: Yes
Great facility. Great staff.

Kristina Perrin 03/09/16
Recommend: Yes
Great Facility

Jacalyn O'Brien 03/09/16
Recommend: Yes
Very clean and on site protection

Penny Searle 12/03/15
Recommend: Yes
I just adored the managers Roger and Shelia, very kind and helpful. Yes I would rent again and tell others.

Susan 12/03/15
Recommend: Yes
Great Service!

Ed 12/03/15
Recommend: Yes
The unit was great and the staff was very helpful.

Tim 12/03/15
Recommend: Yes
Great help with storage and the u-haul.

Alex 12/03/15
Recommend: Yes
Great location and easy access! Would recommend.

Kapri 12/03/15
Recommend: Yes
Thank you for being so accomodating and helpful! This was my first time renting a unit and I will be back next year!

Paige Lever 12/03/15
Recommend: Yes
Great management! Very friendly and well run.

Jacob Shubin 12/03/15
Recommend: Yes
Great Service, Wonderful Staff

Holly 11/02/15
Recommend: Yes
Good, clean facility, close to campus

Catalina 11/02/15
Recommend: Yes
Staff always pleasant, helpful and informative.

Christine 11/02/15
Recommend: Yes
Very pleased with communication and ease and cleanliness of facility

Ann Louis 11/02/15
Recommend: Yes
Love you guys and sorry to leave.

Pelita 11/02/15
Recommend: Yes
Amazing staff, best pricing, best location.

Larry 11/02/15
Recommend: Yes
Staff very friendly and accomodating.

Lynn 11/02/15
Recommend: Yes
The staff was so helpful, it made renting a unit, sight unseen so easy. Thanks!

Will Haile 10/02/15
Recommend: Yes
Nowhere could you find a more friendly, accommodating management staff.
Roger and his lovely wife Sheila are the perfect landlords, and Shanelle covering on their off days always puts a smile on my face.

Harry 10/01/15
Recommend: Yes
Very clean, safe, but most of all friendly.

Tiffany 10/01/15
Recommend: Yes
Friendly & helpful staff.

Garrett 10/01/15
Recommend: Yes
Very friendly service.

Paul Garofolo 10/01/15
Recommend: Yes
Love you guys, thanks so much for the Kentucky Hospitality - Arizona style.

Charles 10/01/15
Recommend: Yes
The people running this business are very friendly, helpful and informative.

Gustavo Gallardo 09/14/15
Recommend: Yes
Great Service, Great People

Andy Alvarado 09/14/15
Recommend: Yes
Great storage! Very kind, will rent again,

Gabor Vajda 09/14/15
Recommend: Yes
Shanell made this storage experience one of a kind.

Catherine Witt 09/14/15
Recommend: Yes
The staff was super helpful and friendly! I contacted 3 other places and this staff here is exceptional. By far my best self storage experience.

Marijke Stoll 09/14/15
Recommend: Yes
You guys are great. I have enjoyed renting with 7A and will of course do so again in the future, should I need to. I will recommend to all my friends for their storage needs.

Dennis Brown 09/14/15
Recommend: Yes
Very clean, convenient and easy to work with. I will deinitleyrent space from here again.

Connor 08/24/15
Recommend: Yes
Service was great. About what i would expect from a storage unit place.

Anonymous 08/24/15
Recommend: Yes
Really friendly, convenient location, really close to the U of A

Laura Rossi 08/24/15
Recommend: Yes
Awesome experience and service

Joe 08/24/15
Recommend: Yes

Sydney Mendez 08/24/15
Recommend: Yes
7A Budget was great & convenient, every time i had to call & speak to someone they were absolutley friendly

Joseph Rainey 08/24/15
Recommend: Yes
Good place

Tian Chrng 08/24/15
Recommend: Yes
Perfect, thnx

Melody 05/27/15
Recommend: Yes
Great location when your close to downtown. Friendly staff, very helpful when moving and all your storage needs.

Kurt Rosenquist 05/27/15
Recommend: Yes
Perfect combination of personal, friendly and professional. I would and have recommended 7A anytime storage is needed.

Francois St. Laurent 05/27/15
Recommend: Yes
Great and reliable service, helped us have friends get in. Best in town. Very good service "long distance" thru e-mails across states.

Dietra 05/27/15
Recommend: Yes
Great Services and Great Managers

Loretta Felix 05/27/15
Recommend: Yes
Great service, very satisfied customer. Yes I will refer more business to this business.

Luis Diaz III 03/30/15
Recommend: Yes
Sweet! Honest and most courtious people.

Shane Haggerty 03/30/15
Recommend: Yes
Comfortable and friendly.

Rochelle Freiberg 03/30/15
Recommend: Yes
Very pleasant, friendly service.

Jose Acuna 03/30/15
Recommend: Yes
Great Service, awesome people, easy in and easy out service. Will definitley come back.

William 12/08/14
Recommend: Yes
Best storage area I've ever had- Clean with reasonable prices!

Mary Phelan 12/08/14
Recommend: Yes
Love this place! Managers are so wonderful, Facility is immaculate. Thank you!

Maggie 12/08/14
Recommend: Yes
Great place

Mary 12/08/14
Recommend: Yes
Thaks for being so flexible!

Tamika 12/08/14
Recommend: Yes
The greatest experience with a storage! Staff was always friendly and the service was always prompt! Thank you for your services.

Kevin Schreiber 12/08/14
Recommend: Yes
Great help, made everything very easy.

Max Wilson 12/08/14
Recommend: Yes
Awesome service and very friendly!

Catalina 12/08/14
Recommend: Yes
Awesome service! Thank you ever so much for all!

Grady 12/08/14
Recommend: Yes
Place is Great! Would use this place again.

Chad Mosler 12/08/14
Recommend: Yes
Friendly staff!

Molly 12/08/14
Recommend: Yes
Everything was great!

Max Wilson 09/15/14
Awesome service and very friendly..

Michael 09/09/14
Overall - Everything was good. Rental Van - nice A/C.

Stephanie 09/09/14
Great and Friendly Service!!

Axel 09/09/14
I would use this place again. Good people, helpful

Garret 09/09/14
Good Staff

Eric 08/29/14
The staff was the friendliest I've met and I had a great experience renting from them.

Marisa Mendez 08/28/14
I never experienced any issues with 7A. Everything is always up to par.

Kimberly 08/28/14
Great customer service! They always remember me.

Kristin 08/28/14
Very satisfied.

Charles Cardwell 08/28/14
Top notch service, great staff.

Clarelise Johnson 08/28/14
Great service both times I've needed storage over a 2 year time span.

Nicole Singh 08/28/14
Staff is very friendly and good pricing.

Yvonne Ng 08/26/14
Good, clean, i like how they provide trollys to make moving easier. i also like the accessability to storage.

Daniel Weiss 08/26/14
Good storage unit

Daniel Weiss 08/26/14
Good storage unit

Kianna Gardner 08/26/14
Clean facility, it was great! Nice people.

Robert Hansen 08/26/14
Friendly, efficient, works well. Wouldn't go anywhere esle. Best location for University student.

Michael McIntire 08/26/14
Great location from any apartments. Good prices. Safe place to store. Great friendly service.

Gil 08/26/14
Was a very easy , convenient location. Worked out very well.

Morgan 08/22/14
I've used this facility for a few years and they make everything easy!

Holly Lane 08/22/14
Friendly staff. Second summer storing here.

Ian Montgomery 08/22/14
Thank you for your services.

Brett Cohen 08/22/14
Thanks for the help! Great staff and my things were stored safely.

Eric Korn 08/22/14
Wonderful service

Logan 08/22/14
Service was excellent.

Baba 08/22/14
Extremely convenient and Excellent service.

Joseph Blackwell 08/21/14
Very convenient. Nice Staff.

Adam Levine 08/21/14
Good Service

Adam Levine 08/21/14
Good Service

Brett Rothberger 08/21/14
Great Service!

Cathy Gregory 08/21/14
Office manager was so pleasant and friendly. Thank you!!!!

Magan 08/21/14
Great Service.

Anonymous 08/21/14
Thank you for everything.

Nicole 08/21/14
Thank You.

Ryan 08/21/14
Service was very quick and helpful. Good location for U of A students.

Jason 08/20/14
Really nice people and service, very easy to deal with, professional.

Candace Wagner 08/20/14
I'll be glad to come back next spring.

Hunter Freytag 08/20/14
Affordable and easy to access. Also very friendly staff.

Evan 08/20/14
Great Service!

Mona 08/19/14
Everything was great.

Sam 08/19/14

Ryan 08/19/14
Great help and very convenient.

Antonio Arias 08/19/14
Good storage, no concerns of theft, safe for summer storage.

Max 08/19/14
Great people, super nice and accomodating.

Brandon 08/19/14
Great! Clean place and no problems at all. Easy check in and out.

Kyle Rush 08/19/14
Good Service and friendly staff.

Brandon Hecke 08/19/14
Service was great. They were friendly and always helpful.

Stacy Mamatas 08/19/14
Super easy! Clean and friendly!

Amanda 08/19/14
Great Service, helpful and very friendly.

Lorenzo Fusaro 08/14/14
Very happy with everything.

Kassy 08/14/14
Great place.

Charles 08/14/14
Great staff and very clean.

Scott 08/14/14
7A Budget Mini Storage made it so easy to keep my belongings safe over the summer! The staff was so kind and i will rent from them every summer of college!

Kenly 08/14/14
Second year and very pleased.

Julie 08/08/14
Great to be also able to rent a U-Haul at the same time as a storage unit.

Charlie 08/08/14
Very friendly, internet friendly, NO HASSLES at all.

Kalyn 08/08/14
Great for moving when you need a quick place to store your stuff.

Dixon 08/08/14
Great Service!

Jennifer 08/08/14
Great Service! Love 7A Budget.

Deborah Roth 08/07/14
Excellent Staff and the help was great..

Mark 08/07/14
Great, friendly service.

Michael 08/07/14
Staff always polite. Facility is always clean.

Lesley 08/07/14
Lovely place

Nicole 07/31/14
The management is very kind and helpful and the facilities come in a range of sizes.

Deborah Roth 07/31/14
Excellent staff and the help was awesome!

Mark 07/31/14
Great, friendly service!

Zach Wexman 07/30/14
7A Budget mini storage was very helpful in their service and didn't hesitate to meet our every need. Our family won't hesitate to use them in the future!

Rebecca 06/12/14
The 7A Budget was the friendliest, cleanest, most professional Storage we have ever rented from. We will use them again for storage needs!

Rebecca Jordan 06/12/14
7A Budget Mini Storage is the Best!

Sam 06/12/14
Great Customer Service

Maurice Mullen 05/08/14
Great Service!!!

Anonymous 04/16/14
Very nice Staff. Very clean place.

Deborah Jacobs 03/21/14
Great Service & Great Staff!

Anonymous 02/21/14
Great customer service.

Hasmouth Desai 02/21/14
Very convenient and clean. Staff very friendly. Convenient hours for access..

Ian Harris 02/18/14
Great Place!

T. J. Ewer 01/14/14
Great, Convenient!

Jason 01/13/14
Shelia & Roger are the BEST managers and 7A is THE BEST STORAGE in Tucson! Thank You!!!

Radhika 01/08/14
Excellent, clean facility. Shelia & Roger were very helpful, professional & friendly. Would definitely use this facility again.

Shelby Henningsen 01/08/14
Very friendly, easy to access unit. Great communication.

Great Place, easy access 01/08/14

Natalie 01/08/14

Lorenzo Fusaro 12/09/13
Very good. Everything stayed in good condition. Very good service..

Wisam Al Baldawi 12/09/13
The storage was totally great! Thanks a lot!!

Jeremiah Traeger 12/09/13
Great student price. It really helped when i was between houses..

Michael 12/09/13
Great customer service, Always nice & helpful!!

Shawn 11/20/13
Very good facility & managers are great.

Morgan Hill 11/20/13
Awesome job, very friendly,

Anonymous 11/20/13
Service is always great, very accomidating..

Taylor 11/02/13
Thanks so much. Very helpful..

Kelley 11/02/13
Easy to access storage space.

Todd Miller 11/02/13
Great & Friendly Service!! Clean!!

Grady Carter 11/02/13
Service was great & very friendly. It's a great price also.

Daniel 10/28/13
Good service, very friendly..

Jamie 10/28/13
Very kind customer service. Thanks, for all your help.

Kimberly Kollinger 10/28/13
Fairly easy. Payments could be more simple - electronically.

Ricky 10/28/13
Great storage!! Perfect for summer! I will definitely be using it again!

Thomas Tortarolo 10/21/13
Very happy with storage unit..

Sam 10/21/13
Everything was Great..

Nick Speilberg 10/21/13
Great, clean place. Good people..

Clarice 10/21/13
Great, friendly people..

Alexa 10/11/13
Great & Easy access..

Richard Gonzales 10/11/13
Been Great. No Complaints.

Jordyn Grollo 10/11/13
Great Customer Service. Great Management. Clean Facility. Very Secure.

Robert Hansen 10/11/13
Wonderful. Very helpful to have convenient local storage.

Casey 10/04/13
Great location, close to school. Easy access, Friendly staff & very clean.

Henry 10/04/13
Really nice people! Very easy to move in & out w/multiple dorrs! Great Service!

Scott 10/04/13
Efficient & friendly staff.

Michelle Hafer 10/04/13
Best Price, Service & Facility in Tucson!

Garcia 10/04/13
Everything awesome.

Kimberly 10/01/13
Great Staff..

Miguel 10/01/13
Loved the people who helped me out. Great customer service. Thank you guys so much for going the extra mile.

Estelle 10/01/13
Very helpful.

Blake Roberts 10/01/13
Very friendly & helpful service.

Anonymous 09/24/13
So close to the Standard Apts. so moving was really easy..

Juan Marquez 09/24/13
This place was great !!!!! 5/5 stars

William 09/24/13
Staff very nice, always had a cold refreshment waiting after the hot sun. Will recommend to another friend..

Kevin 09/24/13
Everything was great!!

Kevin 09/24/13
Everything was great!!

Alex 09/23/13
Awesome place! Great staff! Can't wait to personally recommend them!

Alex 09/23/13
Awesome place! Great Staff! Can't wait to personally recommend them!

Josh 09/17/13
I love this place! Sheila & Roger are quite amazing and easy to work with

Theresa 06/05/13
I received the Best service here. I will tell all my friends to store all of their college belongings here!!