Garfield Storage Located within the Garfield District 1616 E. Portland Street Phoenix, AZ 85006 (602) 362-4475
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Quality - 5.0 (Excellent)
Customer Service - 5.0 (Excellent)
Price - 5.0 (Excellent)
Convenience - 4.9 (Excellent)
Customer Reviews of this Facility

David Spell 04/28/17
Recommend: Yes
5 Stars

Victor Duarte 04/28/17
Recommend: Yes
Judy & Greg are really nice, friendly and very helpful. If I had a storage business, I would hire them.

Albert Camou 04/22/17
Recommend: Yes
Thank you good people for your storage and safe keeping of my belongings. God speed.

Crystal Moore 04/12/17
Recommend: Yes
Excellent customer service and well maintained facility. Nish was very professional, courteous and helpful.

Cristina Caldera 04/12/17
Recommend: Yes
very awesome customer services.

Guillermo Garcia 04/08/17
Recommend: Yes
Awesome front counter personal and very helpful.

Rayford Dexter-El 03/30/17
Recommend: Yes
5 Stars!!

Jack Rainey 03/30/17
Recommend: Yes
Judy & Greg, very informative, courteous, just nice people to deal with, very rare these days

Jesus Marquez 03/29/17
Recommend: Yes
Nish was extremely helpful and pleasant to talk to.. Great service !!

Anonymous 03/29/17
Recommend: Yes
Erica Echavarria

Isabel Dominguez 03/29/17
Recommend: Yes
Nish was a great help today. Great attitude and customer service :o)

John Hartzell 03/25/17
Recommend: Yes
Nice remote extension to my apartment for extra personal items

Jesse Lippincott 03/16/17
Recommend: Yes
5 Stars! Very helpful and organized!

Alejandro Ochoa 03/16/17
Recommend: Yes
5 Stars! Staff menber was very helpful at all times.

Brandon Straub 03/09/17
Recommend: Yes
5 stars! Nish was very accommodating and friendly. Made me feel very safe and happy with the unit.

Jelani Harris 02/26/17
Recommend: Yes
Overall - BEST!

Chelsey Richard 02/24/17
Recommend: Yes
Awesome space! Clean, safe. Friendly staff.

Richard Zuckerman 02/15/17
Recommend: Yes
5 Stars + Was referred by another tenant.

David Spell 02/15/17
Recommend: Yes
5 stars!