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Armored Mini Storage 16th St. & Glendale Ave. 1650 E Lamar Rd Phoenix, AZ 85016 (602) 814-0463
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Quality - 5.0 (Excellent)
Customer Service - 5.0 (Excellent)
Price - 4.9 (Excellent)
Convenience - 4.9 (Excellent)
Customer Reviews of this Facility

Sandy 03/12/18
Recommend: Yes
Love your managers,both week and weekends. So helpful and knowledgeable. No unit lights and no A/C is a definite drawback.

Pam 03/08/18
Recommend: Yes
I've always had happy and receptive people to help me. I appreciate the storage location and hours of being open. I met Mitzi today very sweet :)

Zachary Hall 11/27/17
Recommend: Yes
Smiling faces each trip in and out

Zachary Hall 11/24/17
Recommend: Yes
Smiling faces each trip in & out!

Kathy 10/22/17
Recommend: Yes
I have recommended - Hours are convenient. Staff always helpful.

Rahine 08/28/17
Recommend: Yes
Melanie the weekend manager is wonderful, always professional and super friendly, she makes any visit worth while.

Anonymous 08/20/17
Recommend: Yes

Sarah 08/02/17
Recommend: Yes
Great Staff

Carol 07/31/17
Recommend: Yes
Wonderful,helpful! Very professional!

Walter 07/31/17
Recommend: Yes
Great people especially on weekends.

Sandra 07/31/17
Recommend: Yes
Easy process to pick up and very clean facility, friendly staff at desk.

Cathrine 07/31/17
Recommend: Yes
Melanie and Mitzi were very professional & accommodating,courteous and very helpful and friendly. Facility is clean and secure.

Colin 07/31/17
Recommend: Yes
This is a good clean storage place

Jim V 07/26/17
Recommend: Yes
Great Facility, Friendly Service Very happy with my choice of storage facility. It appears quite new and seems very clean and extremely secure. It was a nice touch when the friendly staff handed out bottled water on a hot day even by Phoenix standards.

Sharon 06/29/17
Recommend: Yes

C.P. 04/25/17
Recommend: Yes
Latoya was great to work with

Dorothy 04/02/17
Recommend: Yes

Karren House 03/25/17
Recommend: Yes
Your front desk is very helpful and friendly! Love Melanie!! The best

Terry A. 03/14/17
Recommend: Yes
I could have checked out months earlier, but no refund available for early check out

Anonymous 02/23/17
Recommend: Yes
Very friendly - efficient - clean - organized Great Job! Thank you

Deborah Townsend 02/22/17
Recommend: Yes
staff always friendly

Steve W. 02/21/17
Recommend: Yes
super clean, convenient, & friendly

Jim Esclin 02/21/17
Recommend: Yes
Staff is the best

Katie 02/17/17
Recommend: Yes
Awesome staff. Clean, pleasant atmosphere.

Joan W. 02/14/17
Recommend: Yes
Your staff is truly outstanding!

Gary Sharp 02/08/17
Recommend: Yes
Your staff is awesome, will use you again

Bruce Teifke 02/07/17
Recommend: Yes
Hand trucks very helpful! Friendly and helpful staff!!

Christina Suarez 02/07/17
Recommend: Yes
Excellent Facility & Service

Sherry K. 02/01/17
Recommend: Yes
You have been a great place for our group to store items. Thank you.

Jim 01/31/17
Recommend: Yes
LaToya - an outstanding Manager

Nick Brunacini 01/31/17
Recommend: Yes
Clean & Secure Facility

Tom 01/19/17
Recommend: Yes
Awesome, Thanks

Julia Blake 01/18/17
Recommend: Yes
Friendly management: helpful and courteous

Mark 01/09/17
Recommend: Yes
9 Years of Great Service & Value

Bob 01/07/17
Recommend: Yes
Everyone Great to Deal With

Jeffrey 01/06/17
Recommend: Yes
Great experience & clean, neat, friendly

Robert M. Sierk 12/31/16
Recommend: Yes
Would definitely rent here again
LaToya is an excellent manager

Olivia 12/28/16
Recommend: Yes
Always great service - Friendly staff!!

Kenneth Brannon 12/05/16
Recommend: Yes
Great facility - Amazing service

Dan Ulmaniec 11/18/16
Recommend: Yes
friendly staff-yes, good service- yes, clean facility-yes, convenient-yes

Robin 11/13/16
Recommend: Yes

Tom Schneider 11/10/16
Recommend: Yes

Logan Worley 11/06/16
Recommend: Yes

Harold Hartley 10/29/16
Recommend: Yes

John Ross 10/18/16
Recommend: Yes

Frida 10/16/16
Recommend: Yes

Brady Boynton 10/08/16
Recommend: Yes
Be open later

Desha Whitney 09/23/16
Recommend: Yes
Great Experience!

Anonymous 09/11/16
Recommend: Yes
Best staff, very helpful and friendly.

Anonymous 09/04/16
Recommend: Yes
Great service!

Mike Williams 09/01/16
Recommend: Yes

Mark Simonds 08/29/16
Recommend: Yes
Easy move in and move out

Michael Downing 08/26/16
Recommend: Yes

G.N. 08/21/16
Recommend: Yes

Anonymous 08/20/16
Recommend: Yes
Great, secure storage will rent again

David B. 08/15/16
Recommend: Yes
Friendly Staff

Anonymous 08/06/16
Recommend: Yes
Best overall The website was user-friendly Would rent from you again

Anonymous 08/06/16
Recommend: Yes
Found you in the Yellow Pages
Would rent from you again

Anonymous 08/05/16
Recommend: Yes
perfect, clean, no issues

Elizabeth Berkenkamp 07/28/16
Recommend: Yes
Great Everything!

J.R. 07/26/16
Recommend: Yes
Great Services

Doug Stegman 07/25/16
Recommend: Yes

Vickie 07/15/16
Recommend: Yes
"Could think of nothing but good things to say about you!"

Anonymous 07/09/16
Recommend: Yes
would rent here again

Alexander Long 06/20/16
Recommend: Yes

C.M. 06/20/16
Recommend: Yes

Adam 06/05/16
Recommend: Yes
Everything worked out great. Very clean facility & helpful staff.

John S. 05/24/16
Recommend: Yes
LaToya is such an amazing person to deal with. She is always more than helpful, and has one of the greatest dispositions! A true pleasure to do business with.

Georgetta 05/20/16
Recommend: Yes
Excellent storage over many years

Dayna Tsosie 05/17/16
Recommend: Yes

Monte Comardelle 05/06/16
Recommend: Yes

Viola Vigil 04/24/16
Recommend: Yes
great service - Melanie was nice and very helpful. great personality!

DRP 04/02/16
Recommend: Yes
Great location!
Miss Latoya is wonderful and the facility is always clean, safe and bug free (which I appreciate, as I had a bad experience elsewhere!) Would recommend.

Anonymous 02/21/16
Recommend: Yes
Easy to use nobody else is ever here

Gerald 02/21/16
Recommend: Yes

Anonymous 02/21/16
Recommend: Yes
very convenient nice experience

Pat 02/20/16
Recommend: Yes
I like this place / very clean & friendly

Anonymous 02/20/16
Recommend: Yes
Too much air freshener in office/front area - some people are sensitive to these chemicals!

Lois Wilkerson 02/19/16
Recommend: Yes

Vince 02/19/16
Recommend: Yes
Great service & friendly staff

Joe Cajic 02/19/16
Recommend: Yes
Longer weeknight hours

Rebecca Jones 02/19/16
Recommend: Yes
Very good company & nice to work with. Sunday hours are a little limiting.

Anonymous 02/19/16
Recommend: Yes
very friendly, thank you

Jim Seaton 02/19/16
Recommend: Yes
Your staff has always been super friendly & very helpful.

Sheila 02/19/16
Recommend: Yes
Staff is professional and does a great job!

Donald 02/19/16
Recommend: Yes
The facility was excellent. Carts in perfect shape, smooth floors made moving in & out easy. LaToya was very helpful and friendly.

Ryan 02/19/16
Recommend: Yes
very convenient, clean, quiet storage facility

Lindsay 02/19/16
Recommend: Yes
Awesome customer service! Very happy customer - great experience.

Anonymous 02/19/16
Recommend: Yes

Christine Davies 02/19/16
Recommend: Yes
very clean & efficient & super friendly & helpful staff

Lorraine Rosemond 02/19/16
Recommend: Yes
LaToya is wonderful!!

Terri R. 02/18/16
Recommend: Yes
LaToya is an extraordinary, professional asset to your corp. My experience was beyond excellent. Outstanding LaToya

Marc Brock 10/01/15
Recommend: Yes
Would Rent Again

Denise Lane 09/01/15
Recommend: Yes
5 Stars
Would rent again in the future if the need arises

R.B. 08/25/15
Recommend: Yes

Lisa R. 07/09/15
Recommend: Yes
Everything was great and dealing with LaToya was wonderful!

N.R. 06/15/15
Recommend: Yes
Would rent again in the future

Melissa Rogers 04/30/15
Recommend: Yes
Love this place! :)

Alan Minto 04/30/15
Recommend: Yes
Well run business

Robert Stillman 04/30/15
Recommend: Yes
Your staff is great, very helpful and courteous.

Claire 04/15/15
Recommend: Yes
Though I did all my communication on the phone everyone I spoke w/ was friendly, helpful and understood our needs.

Lee Powell 04/03/15
Recommend: Yes
Very Helpful

Sharon Woodward 03/18/15
Recommend: Yes
Safe, clean, quiet...9-yr customer!!
I have 2 units, both stay quite cool all year long.

Curtis 02/24/15
Recommend: Yes
Very Clean, very organized

Peter S. 02/19/15
Recommend: Yes

Patricia Davidson 02/17/15
Recommend: Yes
Great! - I would even live here!

Steven 02/17/15
Recommend: Yes

Cassandra Hunter 02/12/15
Recommend: Yes
Staff exceptional. Thank you

Jay 02/06/15
Recommend: Yes
Great Service!

C.A. 02/06/15
Recommend: Yes
I have been a customer at this facility location for a long time. Everyone is really professional - LaToya introduced me to your property. Thank you so much! She is detail oriented and assured I understood facility rules and paperwork. Thank you!

S.C. 01/27/15
Recommend: Yes

J.I. 01/09/15
Recommend: Yes
Would rent again

Lori G. 01/05/15
Recommend: Yes
A wonderful solution to our storage issue, would definitely use them again

Erin M 01/03/15
Recommend: Yes
Friendly Staff, Clean Facility, Clean Units, Convenient Location

A.T. 12/09/14
Recommend: Yes
Friendly Staff.

M.M. 12/08/14
Recommend: No

Barry Sholder 11/22/14
Friendly Staff, Clean Facility, Great Location.

LH 11/21/14
Great Candy!

Simon K. 11/02/14
Friendly Staff, Clean Facility, Convenient Location.

Charles Thome 10/19/14
I've had many years here (parts of years) and have always been treated well.

James Mellody 09/22/14
Always Clean!!

Danny B 09/17/14
Latoya is the best!

Brenda R. 09/12/14
Great customer service & friendly managers. Loved the mover referrals!

J Freeman 08/26/14
Terrific - 16 years - No Complaints!

David O 08/26/14
Staff is very friendly and facility is extremely clean

Chris Emerson 08/14/14

SH 08/13/14

RC 08/03/14
We have stored here for many years!

Family of Bill J. 07/27/14
Best Staff.

Jacqueline F. 07/26/14
Service has been excellent and very accommodating.

Colin Estwick 07/13/14

Rosemary J. 07/13/14
very nice clean convenient facility.

Rosemary J. 07/13/14
very nice clean convenient facility.

D.L. 07/06/14
no bug ever - much appreciated!

Donna Manly 06/30/14
Excellent Svc. - very Helpful

J.D. 06/28/14

Jon Demarbieux 06/25/14
I like the fact, that Mini Storage takes pride in their job performance, also Latoya is a Great people person that cares.

Steve Stevens 06/25/14
A great place for storage. I will rent here again.

David Day 06/10/14
All was GREAT, Thank you!

Courtenay W. 06/04/14
Thank you so much!

Tina Madeiros 06/02/14
User friendly website. Would rent from here in the future if the need arises

Lauren H. 06/01/14
Clean Facility.

Pam Gordon-Micari 06/01/14
Excellent service! Very pleased & I know my items are secure.

Dean S. 05/31/14
Surprisingly friendly staff who made storage the highlight of our move.

Sally T. 05/31/14
Thank you for many years of service!

Keith Callahan 05/25/14
Great Storage Unit

Marc A 05/23/14
Would definitely rent here again

D.M. 05/17/14
Clean unit, friendly staff.

ANTHONY Z 05/16/14

Heath M. 05/14/14
Friendly Staff.

C.L. 05/10/14
Thank you!

Stephen Whittaker 05/06/14
Great Service, Very Friendly!

Steve 05/01/14
Great storage place & staff

JIM HOWARD 04/30/14
Thank you. It was a real pleasure renting from you.

KL 04/30/14
Would rent from them in the future if the need arises

Janelle 04/30/14
Friendly People and will rent again

Coralee 04/28/14
Your staff made the difference

John Kearns 04/27/14
Great Experience

Adam Day 04/27/14
Friendly staff, clean facility.

Sandra M. 04/27/14
Friendly staff. Convenient location.

Janice M. 04/26/14
Excellent experience. Will do again in a heartbeat if I need to.

NM 04/25/14
Good Service

DW 04/24/14
Thank you!

Phil L. 04/22/14
User friendly website. Clean facility. Friendly staff. Convenient

BH 04/18/14
Clean facility - would rent again

P.C. 04/15/14
Clean storage facility, friendly staff

Mary S 04/14/14
excellent employees

Jerry L 04/09/14
Friendly staff. Would rent from them again.

Aaron C. 04/09/14
Staff extremely friendly and helpful

Jorge 04/08/14
Friendly staff, clean facility, and convenient

Cynthia M 04/08/14
Superclean & Convenient!

Suzanne 04/02/14
Would rent from here again

John paul 12/26/13
The managers Bobbie and Steve are always very friendly when I go into the office I am always welcomed with a smile. The property is always clean and neat.

Fred 10/20/13
Excellent Customer Service!!

Susan G. 07/08/13
Love your facility! When I come to your facility, I am greeted with a "Good Morning" and a smile from Pam who is always a joy! The place is very clean and will store always here. A++++

Chris Keeley 06/15/13
Loved Linda & David...Thank you!

Lauren 06/09/13
Great experience

Annonymous 06/01/13

Vincent DiDomizio 05/31/13
I was very happy with the facility

J Murphy 05/30/13

J Murphy 05/30/13

Anonymous 05/30/13
Excellent managers - Very clean. Will recommend my friends who need storage

Gretchen 05/30/13
Very capable staff - still have one other unit.

Cathy F 06/22/12
I want to express my complete satisfaction with having stored items for several years at this Lamar location. This business is managed tby extremely efficient, considerate people; and the facility is absolutely spotless! Should I have storage needs in the future, there is no question that I will choose this facility, again. I recommend it 100%. Thank you, Cathy F.

Rich R. 11/29/11
Thank you for the use of A55 during the past 12 months and the one month birthday credit you recently credited me. When I again have storage needs in your area, I am certainly looking forward to using Armored Mini Storage-Lamar again! Thanks again!