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Gilbert Road Self Storage Btw Elliott and Guadalupe Rd 405 N Gilbert Rd Gilbert, AZ 85234 (480) 779-9903
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Convenience - 5.0 (Excellent)
Customer Reviews of this Facility

Chandler Timmicki 04/16/18
Recommend: Yes
Great customer service and friendly! Very helpful for our first time renting a unit. I will refer.

Maria A 04/16/18
Recommend: Yes
Very friendly and concerned. Prompt on calling on any security issues. I would rent here again and I will refer my friends and family.

William L 03/22/18
Recommend: Yes
Gate access going in and out, makes me feel safe and secure. Everyone here watched for everyone else. Thank you for being great!

Jeanette Edwards 03/19/18
Recommend: Yes
Excellent Facility. Friendly staff-always willing to help. Sheila is MARVELOUS!!

Ayleen Morrissey 03/15/18
Recommend: Yes
Awesome customer service, everything easy and practical. Thank You!

Luke Abrahamson 03/15/18
Recommend: Yes
This storage bizness is top of the line! Great service, great storage. No worries. Thx ya'll

Cassandra Rosales 03/13/18
Recommend: Yes
Best storage place I have used!

NIKKI M 03/12/18
Recommend: Yes

Kim Coleman 03/09/18
Recommend: Yes
Love the managers!!!!

Kirt Galliart 03/09/18
Recommend: Yes
Very nice, clean facility & staff was wonderful, especially Sheila & Corey.

Rolando Robles 03/02/18
Recommend: Yes
This is my second time that I rent a storage here. And if I need to rent again, I'll be back. Thanks Sheila. I'll miss you.

Dee Obr 03/02/18
Recommend: Yes
Tom and Sheila were the greatest. Friendly, treats you like family & I would recommend them highly. They can't be beat. Thank you.

Joseph Valente 03/02/18
Recommend: Yes
Great staff. Always smiles .

Howard Sturgill 02/15/18
Recommend: Yes
Incredible service, Easy & convenient

Jorge M 02/03/18
Recommend: Yes
Very Nice Staff

Adam K 01/30/18
Recommend: Yes
Great customer service!

Mike Davis 01/26/18
Recommend: Yes
Everything was safe and just how I left it. Would come back again. Thank you

Pat S 01/26/18
Recommend: Yes
Wonderful people !!!

Diana Jordan 01/14/18
Recommend: Yes
Sheila and he husband are awesome. They are both very personable and caring people. Even when I was late with the payment she was always understanding. Thank you both.

Anonymous 01/08/18
Recommend: Yes
Sometimes hard to get past RV aisle- when people are offloading boats, skis etc., But love the managers , they work hard for us!

Austin S 01/08/18
Recommend: Yes
Friendly and helpful. Sheila is the best !!

Marc Barlow 11/14/17
Recommend: Yes
Great service
Sheila and Tom are so helpful and courteous. I recommend this self storage to anyone.

Emilie Fuller 11/10/17
Recommend: Yes
I was referred to you guys! Thank you! I will refer!

Regina Woods 11/08/17
Recommend: Yes
Sheila is awesome !

Jason 11/07/17
Recommend: Yes
I couldn't have chosen a better place to rent from. The office staff here is the best. I will return if I ever need storage again.

Erica Irwin 11/07/17
Recommend: Yes
Great Service! I will refer!

Henry 10/09/17
Recommend: Yes
It has been a pleasure knowing the staff.

Anonymous 10/07/17
Recommend: Yes
Great Doing Business... I will refer and if I need storage again, I will return.. Thank you

Dallas P 10/06/17
Recommend: Yes
My wife and I were customers here for roughly four years. Sheila is awesome to work with and the location is great. It has the feel of a family run business because it is. The units are safe, protected well, and access is easy. They do get quite dusty but if you pack correctly all will be well. I enjoyed giving them my business.

Cathy 09/26/17
Recommend: Yes
Affordability !!!!!!

Marissa 09/18/17
Recommend: Yes
Good sized units for great pricing. Love that they are an Arizona staple and in a great part of town.

Jenny R 09/16/17
Recommend: Yes
Great facility and managers! Super clean and they make you feel right at home! Stop in and talk to Sheila or Tom they will help you with anything you may need.

Jason E. L 09/16/17
Recommend: Yes
I have rented before and feel confident coming back again. It was so nice to read the reviews and see that Sheila is still running the place. I was able to quickly set a reservation and just received a confirmation call from Sheila. I am comforted by consistent community oriented organizations like this one. I believe you will find the pricing competitive and the staff top notch. The new website is a great asset. I highly recommend Gilbert Road Self Storage.

Ashlee 08/22/17
Recommend: Yes
"The office staff was great. Very understanding, very helpful, very straight forward. Made sure I understood everything. Great people!" ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Ashlee

Mariesa Gordon 08/17/17
Recommend: Yes
You guys have been so amazing! I will be sharing my awesome experience . I will also tell my friends. Thank you so much! Mariesa Gordon

Sara F 08/17/17
Recommend: Yes
This is the first time I have ever had to store my belongings and I am very happy with my choice! Sheila was amazing and I could not have asked for better customer service! I would recommend this place to anyone who needs storage. The facilities are very clean and well kept. I had no problems with dust and insects whatsoever.

Nick Stewart 08/11/17
Recommend: Yes
Tom & Sheila are incredible people and do a great job serving the community with Gilbert Road Self Storage. They operate with total integrity and are the best in the business. I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone in need of their services.

Patrick Connolly 08/10/17
Recommend: Yes
Great Friendly Place.

Melissa L 08/04/17
Recommend: Yes
I LOVE Sheila she was so helpful, nice and AMAZING!

Ashley Gee 08/02/17
Recommend: Yes
Gilbert Road Self Storage met all of my needs in a storage facility. The staff was very friendly and always helpful.

Danielle Wipf 07/17/17
Recommend: Yes
Great service! Thank you so much!

Justin 07/01/17
Recommend: Yes
Thank you for the great service. Everybody was very friendly.

Alex S 06/30/17
Recommend: Yes
Thank you for your help and service!

Andrew Vaughn 06/30/17
Recommend: Yes
The people are friendly and the place looks great!

Anonymous 06/30/17
Recommend: Yes
Very convenient , drive-up..

Anonymous 06/30/17
Recommend: Yes
Convenient, Personel very good and friendly. Everything Good!

Daniel Ramirez 06/29/17
Recommend: Yes
It was Great !! Thank you all!

Tom E 06/29/17
Recommend: Yes
Nice People

Bryan Brkich 06/29/17
Recommend: Yes
Great Staff!!! Friendly & professional. I will refer to my friends.

Susan Mooney 06/28/17
Recommend: Yes
15 years and I Love, SHEILA

Kent Kaiser 06/27/17
Recommend: Yes
Tom & Sheila are always very helpful & lend a helping hand when needed.

Jim Johnson 06/27/17
Recommend: Yes
From the time I walked into the door , I was welcomed! What a wonderful staff you have here! Thank you for all your help in my time of absolute insanity! Thanks again and I will be referring my family and friends. Thank you!

Carla Johnston 06/27/17
Recommend: Yes
I was referred by my daughter. Great Place. Great People.

Jon M 06/26/17
Recommend: Yes
This is the best storage place I have EVER been to. It's really nice to know that there are people who care about you and want to hear your story! Thanks again!

Israel 06/25/17
Recommend: Yes
awesome staff, friendly & always working with me.

Raegan Ray 06/25/17
Recommend: Yes
I had a great experience with gilbert road self storage. Great staff.

Victor Ramirez 06/25/17
Recommend: Yes
Staff is amazing, they are friendly, quick,and answer any question that we had. Communication is an A+. I will be returning and recommending family and friends.

Priscilla G 06/22/17
Recommend: Yes
Good Experience- worked out for me. Nice people in the office.

Jim Monroe 06/21/17
Recommend: Yes
After 3 years here , I must say , the service here is superb! Tom & Sheila have been here for any questions and helped through a couple of situations with me. Thanks again and I will be back!

Aaron Jymison 06/21/17
Recommend: Yes
Great service. Sheila worked with me and i'll miss her very much.

Anonymous 06/20/17
Recommend: Yes
This place has been great to me! Very happy to have rented here. Sheila & Tom are AWESOME!! I was always contacted before I would ever go late and they would let me know and help me avoid my fee. Loved my stay.

Boe 06/19/17
Recommend: Yes
You guys are awesome! Very easy to work with!

Terrence Dawson 06/19/17
Recommend: Yes
Sheila is awesome!!! We just rented here and we couldn't be happier!!!

Josh 06/18/17
Recommend: Yes
I always recommend this place - I have used it 3 times - the people in the office are the best!

Jonathon & Corrine 06/17/17
Recommend: Yes
Excellent service, clean and organized. Tom & Sheila are awesome!

Erica Davis 06/17/17
Recommend: Yes
Great service! Great people! Thank you!

Michael Williams 06/15/17
Recommend: Yes
Sheila very customer friendly. Over 3 years here tells you we had know complaints. Thanks to you all!!!!!

Ray P 06/15/17
Recommend: Yes
Tom and Sheila are awesome!. They helped me find the best unit for my moving truck. I had no idea what size to pick and didn't want to spend more than I needed to. The unit size fit my moving truck perfectly! They were so kind and stayed past their normal hours just to help me find the right unit. I was in the military for 4 years active duty and went to many self storage facility's. This one is by far the best I've ever been to. Great people and a great business. Thank you Tom and Sheila!

Sylvia Faust 06/13/17
Recommend: Yes
friendly, well coming. Great people in office. I will use this business again, I love em.

Lynda 06/09/17
Recommend: Yes
Thank you for the wonderful greeting when I arrived I needed help with a storage right away and Sheila was more than happy to help me. She made me feel right at home... This place is awesome, I will refer my friends .

Derek Tamuty 06/08/17
Recommend: Yes
Great Staff! Great Location!

Bart 06/06/17
Recommend: Yes
Third time here!!! Great Staff!

Melanie 06/03/17
Recommend: Yes
Staff is very friendly and eager to help you out! Definitely would rent here again!

Amy 06/02/17
Recommend: Yes
Awesome service- Thank You !

Sarah Caner 05/15/17
Recommend: Yes
GIlbert Rd. Self Storage was a great facility & treated us well. Thank you!

Keith 05/15/17
Recommend: Yes
everything was great, treating me this way had exceeded my expectations. Stay is great. I recommend this for everyone.

Daniel Shepard 05/13/17
Recommend: Yes
This was our 3rd time here. It is always very pleasant. Everybody is like family to us. Happy they took care of us.

Jennifer 05/08/17
Recommend: Yes

Sean Harris 05/08/17
Recommend: Yes
Great staff, very friendly. Always a pleasure to come in and pay my rent.

Anthony 05/07/17
Recommend: Yes
No Issues. I will refer.

Bud 05/07/17
Recommend: Yes
Great staff, very helpful. I always felt my belongings were safe!

Diane Bothom 05/04/17
Recommend: Yes
I was treated like family by Sheila and Tom

Taylor 05/01/17
Recommend: Yes
I never thought it'd make a difference where I stored my belongings until I came across this place. Very friendly, staff who are always willing to help. I'd recommend them to anyone!

Anonymous 05/01/17
Recommend: Yes
I rented a very big unit for my business. Glad I did. Everything was accessible. Thank you for the great service. I will recommend you to all my friends.

Anonymous 04/30/17
Recommend: Yes
Very friendly + clean storage facility.

Dawn Hunter 04/30/17
Recommend: Yes
Thank you. Great place.

Linda Romero 04/24/17
Recommend: Yes
I have been back to self-store my things here 3 times, the management is awesome. I love how friendly the staff is when walking in and leaving.

Anonymous 04/24/17
Recommend: Yes
The staff was friendly and took care of all my needs. Thank you!

Anonymous 04/23/17
Recommend: Yes
Great staff and great service thx

Dora Barnes 04/23/17
Recommend: Yes
Coming to the right place and very friendly staff.

Andy Duprey 04/21/17
Recommend: Yes
We come here every year - our son comes home from college and we use this storage for his extra stuff.. We feel safe, secure, and the managers are always easy to talk to and professional in every way. Thank you. See you in May.

Chris Koch 04/21/17
Recommend: Yes
We have had a great experience with Gilbert Rd. Self Storage. As a customer here for 9 years we couldn't have asked for a better relationship. Thank you for your kindness and great prices.

Wendy 04/20/17
Recommend: Yes
Sheila is the best!! Would only rent again if she was here!

Anonymous 04/20/17
Recommend: Yes
Awesome facility!

Iliyra 04/13/17
Recommend: Yes
"They were so kind and very helpful. The pricing was very good. They let me know before going in what the total move in cost would be. The place is very nice and secure. I would not go anywhere else."

brandon Holt 03/21/17
Recommend: Yes
Tom and Shelia are great folks. If i ever need storage i will use them. They make it Hassle FREE. The facility is clean and well kept and security is top notch.

Sandy Hodges 03/11/17
Recommend: Yes
Sheila, Thank You for being a real person, there's nothing phony about you...a breath of fresh air. I love warm, kind, sincere people!! Sandy Hodges

David Bjornn 03/01/17
Recommend: Yes
Best storage facility I have ever used!!

Robert Sproat 02/03/17
Recommend: Yes
I have been so satisfied with Tom & Sheila for the past 5 years, to the point of becoming life-long friends. I am very happy to know that my 5 years here has been well received and that if I ever need a storage in the future I know right where to come--- Tom and Sheila's Place!

Brenda Smith 01/21/17
Recommend: Yes
Sheila is Awesome!!!

Jennifer Phillips 01/17/17
Recommend: Yes
All of the staff made my stay very memorable. They were always friendly and worked with me , Always!

Anonymous 01/14/17
Recommend: Yes
Sheila and Tom are great always friendly and accomodating

Stan Linda 01/14/17
Recommend: Yes
Everything was good

Donna Newton 12/22/16
Recommend: Yes
Great caretakers and personable... Thank you Sheila & Tom

Linda 11/27/16
Recommend: Yes
Always had good service. Managers are friendly and helpful. I would store here again and tell a friend!

Eric Beard 11/27/16
Recommend: Yes
Great place, easy in and out

David Ross 11/27/16
Recommend: Yes
Great folks do a great job!

Bruce Westfall 10/30/16
Recommend: Yes
Best service, friendly

Laura W. 10/30/16
Recommend: Yes
Sheila is wonderful, always friendly, helpful and sweet.Thank you for everything!

Anonymous 10/30/16
Recommend: Yes
very pleasant and professional

Nelson Land 10/29/16
Recommend: Yes
Great service
The service by the entire staff is awesome !

Brandi E. 10/29/16
Recommend: Yes

R. West 10/29/16
Recommend: Yes
Gilbert Road Self Storage A++++

Anonymous 09/25/16
Recommend: Yes
pleasant with excellent staff, I will use you in future and recommend you to all my friends

Melissa Fawcett 09/25/16
Recommend: Yes
The staff was so helpful and treated me very well

Kirsten Skirvin 08/27/16
Recommend: Yes
clean & friendly
Gilbert Road Self Storage was clean and friendly. Great place to store my "important" things. I highly recommend this facility.

Jessica 08/27/16
Recommend: Yes
Good experience, thank you!
Everything has been GREAT ! Thanks

Anonymous 07/17/16
Recommend: Yes
Sheilsis awesome

Deborah J 07/10/16
Recommend: Yes

Tara G. 07/10/16
Recommend: Yes
Good experience, thank you!

Jamal Thomas 07/10/16
Recommend: Yes
Good service, very friendly

Lesa 07/10/16
Recommend: Yes
I had such a welcome when I first called this facility. I want to thank them for the wonderful service and for making me feel safe and secure.

Anonymous 07/10/16
Recommend: Yes
3 years w/o a hiccup! Great support and understanding

Bruce 06/29/16
Recommend: Yes
Tom and Sheila are the best! Feels like family.

Patrick 06/26/16
Recommend: Yes
I shopped around and found unfriendly and unprofessional storages. Then I called here, what a difference! VERY nice, professional and safe place. I will recommend it to everyone I know!!!

Travis 06/26/16
Recommend: Yes
Very friendly & personal service

Geoff 06/26/16
Recommend: Yes
The staff is great, like a second family!

Dave Sturm 04/15/16
Recommend: Yes
I sold CATZ and Trailer or I would still be here. Great service and easy to access. Thanks again

Lloyd Story 04/09/16
Recommend: Yes
I have leased units for over 20 years . This is the best managed property I have encountered

Anonymous 04/09/16
Recommend: Yes
Thanks, here 7 years... Love Sheila

Patrick Taylor 04/09/16
Recommend: Yes
The best hosts
I have just closed my account after 2years, don't have need for storage anymore. Tom and Sheila have been the bests hosts possible. Sheila made me feel welcome and at home in all of our transactions. Thanks

Vern 04/03/16
Recommend: Yes
Great people to work with since 2007, great service

Dayne 04/03/16
Recommend: Yes
Great people, very friendly and helpful.

Debbie 04/03/16
Recommend: Yes
We appreciated the friendly staff, great facility, and ease of access

Erik 03/24/16
Recommend: Yes
previous renter
awesome place.. keep coming back

Rene' 12/30/15
Recommend: Yes
Wonderful people to work with!
We had such a great experience having a storage unit at this facility. We moved out of state two years ago and had to leave some items in AZ, and we slowly but surely have emptied it. We downsized units at one point, and Sheila made it so easy for us to coordinate with the movers. We just closed out our unit last Monday, and it couldn't have been an easier process. I will miss Sheila's cheerful calls, but I will be sure to recommend Gilbert Self Storage to anyone who needs a unit. They also store trailers, boats, etc. be sure to call them if you need a Place to store just about anything!

T. Ihms 12/23/15
Recommend: Yes
Shiela and Tom provide amazing service and great facilities.

Marci 12/11/15
Recommend: Yes
Sheila Hogue is amazing and really helps us fine the right unit. If you need storage for anything come to Gilbert Road Self Storage. You will be taken care off. :)

Ellen H 11/11/15
Recommend: Yes
I recommend this storage company. Excellent customer service and friendly staff. I would rent their storage unit again.

Kim Leahy 10/02/15
Recommend: Yes
They care about us as people, helping to keep our things safe & secure. They are kind and considerate. I would not use any other storage while here in town. Thanks for all that you have done.

Anonymous 09/28/15
Recommend: Yes

Anonymous 09/27/15
Recommend: Yes

George M 06/21/15
Recommend: Yes
very friendly and accomodating.

David R 06/13/15
Recommend: Yes
friendly and safe
They were friendly, nice to work with, and I felt safe having my stuff with this storage. I would encourage anyone to call this storage.

Jack S 06/08/15
Recommend: Yes
Great people & found everything as I left it! Perfect.

Theresa L 06/01/15
Recommend: Yes

Leonard 06/01/15
Recommend: Yes
Great place & great service!

Frank B. 06/01/15
Recommend: Yes
Moved to closer area, but I like here because it's nice and safe. Will come back anytime!

Brandon Morgan 06/01/15
Recommend: Yes
I had no problems whatsoever here. I felt like my trailer was safe & secure. The managers are very easy to talk to & work with. Thank you! I will return if the need arises. I will also refer my friends & family

Anonymous 05/24/15
Recommend: No
Awesome management!
great price, great location, great service... AWESOME management. friendly, took care of business like a best friend!

Jaime Guanajuato 05/20/15
Recommend: Yes
Great Place.
Great place, my third time renting here... love Sheila and Tom

Adolfo G 05/20/15
Recommend: Yes
Easy Access to vary safe facility and great service.

Nicholas 05/18/15
Recommend: Yes
The staff was always friendly. I liked talking with Sheila when I came into pay my bill. Also location was a big plus.

Christopher 05/18/15
Recommend: Yes
Everyone has been great. Very Friendly place / people. Excellent customer service.

Mike 05/18/15
Recommend: Yes
Excellent Customer Service! Thanks Sheila.

Jeff & Melanie 05/16/15
Recommend: Yes

Doug 04/06/15
Recommend: Yes
Management team was flexible and fantastic to work for.

Blakely Black 04/04/15
Recommend: Yes
Excellent staff, facility, and prices! Very happy with the service we received and will definitely be sending business their way. Thank you for everything!

Heidi Daniels 04/02/15
Recommend: Yes
All of the staff is super friendly and very helpful. If anything came up with me , they were all very helpful and kind.. Yes I will refer all my friends and family.

Anonymous 03/26/15
Recommend: Yes
Great customer service!
During our time in moving, we had to store our things for a month. The customer service I received was great! Very nice and helpful!! Good people...

B. Black 03/24/15
Recommend: Yes
Great staff, great units, great prices, great location!
There are not enough good things to say about Gilbert Road Self Storage. They have the friendliest staff who are always available and happy to answer any of your questions, they have a wide range of available storage units at affordable prices that are well taken care of, their location is convenient and in a good area, and you can rest easy knowing your personal belongings and keepsakes will be kept safe and secured.

Wilem Spilt 03/23/15
Recommend: Yes
Great people. Great Service. Thank you.

Scott Daniels 03/23/15
Recommend: Yes
It was a pleasure doing business with you!

Michael Harper 03/23/15
Recommend: Yes
Great Service. Personal attention & good customer service. Thank you.

Patrick 03/23/15
Recommend: Yes
Extremely friendly staff- Great facility!

Kelley Mark 03/23/15
Recommend: Yes
It was a great place to rent from and the people were great!

Jamie Poblano 03/15/15
Recommend: Yes
I been coming to here to rent a storage everytime when I moved. I like this place. I never had no problem at all. I love it! Best place. I alway tell my friend to go here.

Jamie Poblano 03/15/15
Recommend: Yes
I Love this place it is my 3rd time coming back. They keep my stuff safe. Storage is so clean and safe I love the worker there. Their very kind and such a sweet heart. I went to other storage place before I had break in my kids stuff got stolen at u-haul worst place but here at self storage is the best place. I will definantly come back and refered everyone I know.

Helen Johnston 03/15/15
Recommend: Yes
Everyone was always helpful. Called me even when I left my unit unlocked.

Page P. 03/15/15
Recommend: Yes
I will miss you guys! :)

Vickie 03/15/15
Recommend: Yes
Great Place!

Chuck 03/15/15
Recommend: Yes

Leesa 03/15/15
Recommend: Yes
Staff extremely friendly & Helpful. Storage well located and great unit

Linda 03/15/15
Recommend: Yes
Staff Is Wonderful!!

Rob A 03/09/15
Recommend: Yes
Great people! So nice! Will come back if needed. Bad gate key pads (lol).

Alan 03/09/15
Recommend: Yes

Tiffany A 03/09/15
Recommend: Yes
Great experience! Friendly staff. Would rent again!

Douglas Goetsch 03/09/15
Recommend: Yes
Very Friendly & Helpful Staff.

Steve 03/09/15
Recommend: Yes
Thanks so much. A great experience

Charles Hobbs 03/08/15
Recommend: Yes
The Unit was Perfect For Our Needs. Very Satisfied!

Sheri 03/08/15
Recommend: Yes
If I ever need storage again I would be coming back here. The service is great & I had absolutely no problems. I refer all my friends.

Cortney 03/08/15
Recommend: Yes
Great people! Great service!

Pindi 03/08/15
Recommend: Yes
LOVED IT! Second time here-- I will be back.

Mark 03/08/15
Recommend: Yes
Everyone has been great and helpful. Will use again if the need arises.

Larry 03/08/15
Recommend: Yes
We felt out motorcycle and misc items were very safe here. Always friendly staff and helpful.

Darci 03/01/15
Recommend: Yes
Super nice staff who is always willing to help!

Christian 02/19/15
Recommend: Yes
I will refer my friends!!
Everything was great. Clean, easy access, safe, affordable. Outstanding service! Friendly, Helpful

Jon C 02/15/15
Recommend: Yes

Kathy B 02/09/15
Recommend: Yes
Very Friendly Staff

Jasmine H 02/09/15
Recommend: Yes
Great service- Thank you!

Brad 02/02/15
Recommend: Yes

Anonymous 02/02/15
Recommend: Yes

Rick K 02/02/15
Recommend: Yes
No problems, great service.

Paula 01/04/15
Recommend: Yes
Very Friendly & outstanding service!

Scott Gancarz 12/29/14
Recommend: Yes
Tom & Sheila are awesome! Butch is a very friendly and good fill in! Thanks All!

Joe D 12/29/14
Recommend: Yes
Thanks Sheila!! If I ever need storage again you're at the top of the List!

Michael Y 12/27/14
Recommend: Yes

Christine 12/22/14
Recommend: Yes
Convienient hours and a very helpful staff.

Anonymous 12/01/14
Thanks a lot, u guys were great.

Russ Wagner 11/29/14
Was what I needed and people were friendly.

Autumn 11/28/14
Very helpful and friendly staff! :)

Terry Heckman 11/28/14
Good Experience!

JAMES HAGEN 11/23/14
Good Service.

Savanna H 11/23/14
Staff was very friendly and helpful. Renting was simple and quick. Thank you

Jodi Southwick 11/17/14
Easy Access & great staff. Pricing was very competitive.

Marvin 11/16/14
Staff are friendly and work with you to make accommodation and help whenever they are able. Overall excellent.

Ray 11/16/14
It was Great!!!! Thank you Sheila!

Anonymous 11/16/14

Kristen Sandoval 11/15/14
Thank you for all your help. Awesome service and that's from Donavon, Byron & Kristen (me!)

Anonymous 11/15/14

Crystal 11/15/14
We felt our items in storage were secure which provided us peace of mind. Thanks.

Robert 11/10/14
Thank you for great service for almost 10 years. All 3 of my units were safe + the office staff very professional. I will return if I ever have another need for storage. I will refer Gilbert Road Self Storage.

Krista Green 11/10/14
You are amazing! Sheila + Tom are so friendly + on top of everything. The unit was clean when we moved in, and they were super helpful.

Greg Walker 11/10/14
Staff was wonderful and facility was clean and convenient.

Ryelee Denton 11/10/14
The staff was awesome and the units are super clean! I would definitely rent from them again!

Jonathan Marguand 11/10/14
You guys are great!

Steven 11/03/14
Great facility, no worries, no hassle. Would rent another unit.

Isaac Griffen 11/03/14
Friendly Service. Fast and convenient.

James Carver 11/03/14
Very Professional.

Anonymous 11/03/14

Gary 11/03/14
Sheila goes above & beyond with customer, wants and needs. Property is very well taken care of.

Rita 11/02/14
It was good. I had no issues. The staff was helpful and informative. The unit and grounds were kept clean and neat. I would definately use Gilbert Road Self Storage again.

Digna 11/02/14
Friendly, Clear, Professional.

Dave Shad 11/02/14

Roxanne C. 11/02/14
Sheila and her husband are awesome, friendly & great people!

ERMA ROSADO 10/25/14
Everything was GREAT. Management was friendly, helpful and great.

Nathan Jacobs 10/25/14
Sheila was always very friendly and I felt that my furniture was always same and sound. Thanks!

Mark Hauser 10/25/14

Sue Chotikasupaserance 10/25/14
Sheila is awesome, so friendly.

Emily C 10/16/14
This is the best place ever! We love Sheila and Tom and they are always very helpful and fun! Safe and easily accessible.

Elise 10/13/14
Fast, easy, would rent here again. Super helpful!

Tony 10/13/14

Corina 10/13/14
Everything was great.--Friendly.

Terry 10/13/14
Honest, Superb Customer Svc. Refreshingly professional while other places are not! We will return if ever the need. Thanks for everything Sheila.

George 10/13/14
Great Place.

Rose Willis 10/13/14
Great Staff and Service.

Luke Hodges 10/06/14
All here have been exceptional and on all levels. Totally refreshing to have the care and quality of service! Thank you!

Rolan 10/02/14
I feel safe here and the owners, they are very nice and have a food price. When I need the storage again I will come here. Thank you

Kermit H. 10/02/14
Sheila was fantastic! Sorry I had to leave.

Bobbi 09/30/14

Tanna 09/30/14
Friendly, helpful staff. Everything great! Would use again.

Susan R 09/22/14
Using this storage was a very pleasant experience. Sheila and her staff are extremely helpful & pleasant.

Lance E. 09/22/14
People here are very understanding & willing to help if they can. I would always rent storage here, in the future.

Scott G. 09/22/14
Storage isn't brain surgery but if it was this place would be a good emergency room!

Don 09/22/14
This was my only time to rent a space and it was a good deal because of the top management at the location, SINCE '05.

David W 09/08/14
We have been renting from Sheila and Tom for 3 months now, and we love the personalized attention we get from them. They are wonderful people doing a wonderful job. Thank you Sheila and Tom!!!!!

Therese 08/25/14
Great Staff & Drive up Facility. Clean & Great Rates!

Melissa 08/04/14
Great experience with friendly and helpful staff. Would definitely use this place again!

Eddie M 07/19/14
Staff was friendly, helpful & I would use again.

James Hernandez 07/06/14
The staff here is the best and I will deff. refer friends to Gilbert Road Self STorage. Thank you Tome and Sheila! :)

Maria Hinton 06/28/14

Michael Williams 06/23/14
Thanks for your service.

Patrick 06/15/14
Website was great, great overall experience!

Hal Rhoads 06/15/14
Available when I needed space, friendly, clean fairly priced.

Daniel H. 06/15/14
I would recommend a friend. Awesome place with awesome mangers!!

Ginny 06/15/14
I called all Gilbert storages and Gilbert Road Self Storage was the most helpful and friendliest. Others were rude and would not help me.

Bruce 06/15/14
Secure place.. make sure you don't follow anyone in or out... Great security.

Fafael 06/15/14
Nice managers, clean and safe place.

Mark Doidge 06/11/14
Examples supporting my experiences with Gilbert Road Self Storage: - My truck wouldn't start after I had moved some furniture in/out of my unit. Although I was able to get it going again on my own, the owners came out help if I needed a jump start or otherwise. - They communicated very clearly about how-to and how-not-to work with the security system. - On another occasion while going through some stuff in my unit, there was a small conflict involving sons/daughters of another family who were trying to cut a lock on another unit their parents leased. That unit was near mine, and I was near the argument. There was no way for the owners to determine if the access by the sons/daughters was authorized or not, and the kids were not polite with the owners. Anyway, the owners called me an hour after I left making sure I was OK, and wanted to share the details of the situation, and why they would not allow the kids to access that unit. I thought this was considerate and proactive

Victor Vidal 06/09/14
Very good Customer Service.

Luke Hodges 06/08/14
Very friendly - Outstanding service - orderly facility and convenient .

Matt 06/08/14
Great local , service !

A. Messaros 06/08/14
I read all the reviews online& my experience has been very good- the reviews are accurate. Staff is friendly & efficient! I will refer to everyone!

Frank Garcia 06/05/14
This place is the best. My belongings are safe and sound, the premises are kept clean, and I appreciate the friendly and helpful staff...

Daniel Vail 05/30/14
To whom it my concern. I have had my storage units for about 2 1/2 years now with gilbert road self storage. I was sent to them by family that also has had storage units for years with them. I will be the first to say that I'm not the best at getting bills paid on time but I would like to say thanks to shella and tom for going way out of the way and not just (doing the job). The staff has gone way out of the way to make me fill like family and to make sure that I was not going to miss and or have a late payment. You have helped me in a (no so great time time) for myself and made me fill like family. Not just a numbered unit! I'm happy to say that I made two great friends after I met the staff their. If you are looking to store your belongings, pic's and memories with some one that understands what your stuff means to you than I will recommend that you get with shella or tom at gilbert road self storage. If it was not for the great staff their I might not have all of my memories today so THANKS to shella and tom for going way out of your job outline and helping me!! I would without regret recommend gilbert road self storage to all of my friends and family. Thanks agen and I hope to see you once I'm back in state. THANKS TO SHELLA ,TOM AND STAFF AT GILBERT ROAD SELF STORAGE FOR GOING THE NEXT STEP,HELPING ME IN ROUGH TIMES AND TREATING ME LIKE FAMILY NOT JUST A CUSOMER! SEE YOU SOON!! Daniel Vail.

Pindi 05/23/14

Rhianna Mendoza 05/23/14
Sheila is always nice & friendly. The Staff is GREAT! Makes the change easy and convenient to do a name change!

Gabriel Velez 05/23/14
It was a pleasure doing business with, Butch. Anyone I know who needs a storage unit, I will definitely refer them to Gilbert Road Self Storage.

Rick Cottington 05/18/14
Staff was very, very helpful! Always there for you when you need 'em :)

Jamie 05/12/14
So great and very friendly! 9 years of great service.

Juan Martinez 05/10/14
I like too much rent a storage here .

Chad Metz 05/08/14
Sheila, Tom & Butch were all amazing! Thanks for the great rate and excellent customer service

Joan Edwards 04/28/14
Awesome management!!!

Steve DeMarco 04/22/14
After meeting Tom and Sheila I am certain that anything I store at their facility will be safe and sound. It very apparent these two love and care greatly for the business they built. Seems more important then the kids, yet the biz takes a backseat to the grandkids. I can except that any day! Keep up the great work Sheila and Tom.

Kurt 04/22/14

Andre 04/21/14
Nice Place. Safe & Secure. Wonderful management! Will be coming back!

Jami 04/21/14
I loved my experience while renting from Tom and Sheila. They are very friendly and accomodating.

John Estes 04/21/14
Very enjoyable to rent here. Sheila and Tom great to work with.

Eddie McKee 04/21/14
Appreciate the return call and help to get a storage rental.

Cody Rusiski 04/13/14
Staff is awesome !!!!

Linda 04/10/14
Sheila, Tom and Butch are the BEST.

Darren 04/07/14
Great Experience!

Jeff Bischoff 04/04/14
Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Clean and organized facility.

Paul 03/31/14
Friendly, convenient, clean, Thank you.

Joseph Luckette 03/31/14
Very friendly staff. Excellent service.

David Fox 03/29/14
I have rented here for several years and I can tell you that Sheila and Tom are the best managers, they are friendly and great to work with. You won't go wrong renting here !

Dean B 03/29/14
great managers

Jan Ballantyne 03/28/14
Sheila and Tom are the absolute best. 7yrs. several units. moving out of area.

Micki 03/26/14
Very friendly and helpful. I felt safe storing my things here.

Michael Haynes 03/25/14
Sheila is the best! Love this place and will rent here again if I need more space.

Jonny Neumann 03/21/14
They were so sweet and helpful - just like family ! I'll be staying here. I love it and the service !

Melanie Haigh 03/20/14
Everything was wonderful !!

Chris Buckley 03/16/14
Clean Facility, No Issues

Connie Sierra 03/16/14
Thank you for Everything!

Susie Gonzales 03/16/14
I was helped in my time of need. I was offered specials and the workers were very helpful at getting me a unit right away. I loved my reminded call and emails also loved that I could pay without coming in. I felt my stuff was secured here. I would recommend to all.

John 03/15/14
Would rent again if the need arises.

Victoria Romero 03/15/14
Fantastic customer service!!

Derek H 03/15/14
Very nice experience

Cheryl Remmert 03/11/14
Very Friendly, Very organized. Will come back if I ever need to store things again. I am very satisfied with everyone & everything.

Mary Ellen Fresquez 03/11/14
Sheila runs a fantastic business. She knows everyone and is quick to refer you if you need any help. Don't hesitate to come here!

Michael Engerseth 03/10/14
No Problems. Excellent Customer service!

Wendy 03/02/14
Sheila and Tom have made this place the BEST! I rented there for over 4 years and the service and caring was remarkable. During the stress of losing my home and having to store things, Sheila and Tom were very caring and kind. I would recommend this storage to everyone. They are truly the best people who you can fully trust. Thank you Sheila and Tom for being such wonderful God caring people. Love you both

Tasha Berinobis 02/28/14
Wonderful service... without even thinking I will rent here again ...

William 02/24/14

Michael Smolek 02/22/14
Very Clean, neat, and organized facility. The best customer service in town. I will return for any future storage needs. Thank you so much !!!

Chris 02/22/14
They were a great storage facility, always friendly !!

Ken Hensley 02/17/14
Love your units and Friendly Service. If I move back in the area and in need of a storage unit I will visit you for that service again. Thanks a lot!

Dan 02/17/14
Very Friendly! Great, Secure Storage!

Steven 02/17/14

Julius Gillmore 02/16/14
We've been very Happy with the service & friendly staff over the years.

Chris 02/10/14
They were a Great Storage facility. Always friendly!

Fernando (Arturo) 02/09/14
I really had a great time renting with you.

Vince 02/07/14
Very friendly managers / awesome service

Alan Ignatowsky 02/07/14
Clean Place and Friendly People !

Candy 02/03/14
Butch is very helpful & Friendly. He found the perfect deal for us.

John 02/03/14

Caleb 02/01/14
The storage units were fine, however paying for this was a huge inconvenience. I had a ton of trouble trying to pay online because when you type in gilbertrdselfstorage.com it redirects the page to a place where your information is not found in their system. Additionally I tried to pay by phone and give the lady my card number, and she simply said "No". So I had to drive down during the middle of my day to make a payment so I could avoid their unforgivable late fee. Once I am through a couple more months I will never rent here again, nor shall I recommend this storage facility to anyone.

Allen Kenton 01/27/14
Very Friendly & Affordable

Kim Leahy 01/20/14

Andru 01/20/14
Great customer service !!

Travis 01/14/14
Very friendly and personal service. I would rent here again.

Kipp 01/06/14
Gilbert Road Self Storage was great. I leased a unit for over two years and never had one problem. The staff is friendly and the facility was always clean and very accessible. I would recommend to anyone!

Chris 12/06/13
Great facility. Great management. Very nice. Would go back first time I needed.

Meaghan Dacey 12/03/13
Great owners, just such nice people. Would highly recommend them and if I ever need extra storage I will definitely go back.

Sherry Scutt 12/02/13
I could not ask for a better storage facility I have had my stuff in storage there for going on 4 years and have never had in problem's. The staff are very friendly and very helpful . I would recommend this facility it is the best. Clean well maintained it is the BEST.

larry 10/31/13
Great managers, clean facility - would store again.

Kent crawley 10/27/13
Awesome service very helpful,friendly and units are clean. First time using them and would use again and recommend them to anyone. Thanks again for your service!

Freddy Rosales 10/12/13
I love this place! I have rented here several times and always find my self coming back. great units and great service.

DJ 08/31/13
This is the cleanest, safest and most friendly places I have ever been too. Sheila and Tom know how to help you best and make you glad for being there!

Eric Cantona 08/30/13
Simply the best. The friendliest storage facility in the East Valley. Tom & Sheila treat you like family and always offer a fair price. HIGHLY recommended.

Anonymous 07/01/13
Absolute Best and Safest place to store you're extra stuff! All the dealings I have had with the management has been nothing short of Professional and Courteous! If it is your first time storing, or you store things often, then you need to come to Gilbert Road, they actually care!

Leonard Rhodes 03/05/13
Very helpful and freindly. I look forward to using them again.